Please read through our Terms of Service. You need to accept the Terms below before placing an order on our website!

1. PBN Links
1.1 Backlinks are sold on a monthly basis. Your links are active as long as you pay for them.
1.2 All sales are final. No refunds. You may cancel your order anytime.
1.3 We guarantee link placement on our PBN sites. We do not guarantee rankings for your website on search engines.
1.4 Each package is for 1 URL. You can give up to 3 anchor texts for Starter package, up to 6 anchor texts for Pro, and up to 9 anchor texts for Premium. Consider using generics and naked urls in addition to your keywords.
1.5 We take the right to adjust anchor texts if we find it necessary (for safety and diversity), client will be informed about it via email.
1.6 We do not accept adult, casino, pharmacy, spam sites. We have the right to decline your order and refund your money.
1.7 We send email updates once the order has started and when placing the links is finished. We do not send links’ list to protect our PBN and your project from snooping eyes. You will see your links on Google Search Console.
1.8 TAT for PBN links can be up to 14 days (including drip feed) depending on the package. You will get updates to your email.
1.9 We use PayPal as a payment processor. You need to agree to PayPal terms to use our service.

2. Expired Domains
2.1 Expired domains are sold for a one-time fee.
2.2 You will get a list of expired domains to your email.
2.3 TAT for expired domains can be up to 14 days due to the need to scrape proper domains. You will be updated about the order via email.
2.4 Domain registration fee is not included in our price. You need to register all domains yourself at your domain registrar.
2.5 Expired domains come with 24-hour guarantee: if any of the domains is not available, we send replacement.
2.6 All sales are final. No refunds unless we fail to deliver on time.
2.7 We try to get as relevant domains to your niche(s) as possible, but we can’t guarantee the domains match exactly your niche(s). Expired domains is a limited resource and such services depend on availability. You can use relevant content later on with the domains.
2.8 We use PayPal as a payment processor. You need to agree to PayPal terms to use our service.

3. Archive.org Scraper
3.1 Archive.org rebuilt sites are sold for a one-time fee.
3.2 All sales are final. No refunds.
3.3 You choose the date of record on Archive.org. Though the site will look the same as on Archive.org most of the times, we do not guarantee the content of HTML source code and any errors of the rebuilt site like non-working pages, links or missing images.
3.4 Scraped content might be copyright protected! We do not take any responsibility for you using the rebuilt site and its content. You are fully responsible for using the rebuilt site and any violation it may bring.
3.5 TAT for rebuilt sites is up to 48 hours (excluding weekend).
3.6 You will get a ZIP file of ready to upload HTML sites to your email.
3.7 We use PayPal as a payment processor. You need to agree to PayPal terms to use our service.

4. SEO Consulting
4.1 SEO consulting costs $120 per hour and is paid in advance.
4.2 All sales are final. No refunds.
4.3 We will schedule a Skype call after successful payment.
4.4 We can not guarantee to have a call anytime the client wishes. The call time needs to suit both parties.
4.5 If client misses the call, the payment will not be subject to refund.
4.6 If client informs us about the change of call time in less than 24 hours before the call, we may consider the first hour charge as a fee for reschedule.
4.7 If we miss the call, the client gets full refund. This does not apply in case the client does not answer.
4.8 We consult our clients as good as we can. We do not guarantee any outcome or result of our SEO consulting service.

You accept our Terms above by placing an order!